ты русская?

Именно так :)

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Emma Stone as:

↳ Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man

My name is Gwen Stacy, I’m a senior at Midtown Science and I’m also head intern to Dr. Connors..”

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"I think that music can be so personal and intimate that when you find someone who has similar music tastes to you, you instantly feel like you understand them somewhat. It was this commonality between Rae and Finn that begins their connection in this show."- T. Bidwell

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A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil

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"Back in the day when I went to concerts that was the one time I got to see my favourite band in real life, I had a Nokia flip-phone that couldn't record video on it so I went and watched a show with my eyes. As a concert should be experienced. Now you just see people watching a concert through a cellphone, it's a waste of money, you should just stay home and watch videos on YouTube. I think people need to let go of that sometimes and experience things like concerts the way you should, which is through your eyes." [x]
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Lettering & Illustration

Yes I would like this on a shirt please

I too would like this on a shirt.

Extra: I will make the shirt for you and send it to you if I can make another for myself

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